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EASA-approved FCL.055


Both On-site & Online Exams Available



• Two formulas : you can either take the exam on-site in one of our test centers, or fully online, from the comfort of your own house or office.

• EASA-approved and recognized by most ICAO aviation authorities.

• No more computer test! Only a 30-minute interview with two examiners:
a commercial pilot and a professional English linguist.

• Both VFR & IFR ratings available. We adapt our scenarios to your needs and ambitions. Airlines and military personnel welcome!

• We are officially sanctioned to deliver level 4, level 5 and level 6 certificates. 

• Receive your official FCL.055 certificate by email within
24 hours! 




With 14 years of experience and more than 14,000 certificates delivered in Europe and throughout the world, Air English has been at the forefront of aviation English examination since 2008. 

Our EASA-approved exam is officially recognised by all 31 European member states and can be easily converted outside of Europe under Bilateral Agreements (UK, USA, Brazil, Japan etc) and Technical Cooperation (113 countries). We will provide you with the FCL.055d certificate as well as the necessary documents to have your ELP (English Language Proficiency) certificate endorsed by your national aviation authority within 24 hours of the exam date! 

Whether you are a commercial, military or general aviation pilot, our team of dedicated examiners will strive to assess your English proficiency level in a way that is both efficient and fair : whether you choose our on-site sessions or our new fully online sessions, your examination will always consist in a 30-minute interview with a commercial pilot and a professional English linguist. 

Our dedication to the highest standards of safety and conformity has already earned us the trust of many major airlines, flight schools and military institutions across Europe. Join the Air English family today, and you will be guaranteed a certificate that is both valued and recognized by all major players in the industry. 

Our Exam

Our FCL.055 Exam Explained in 2 Minutes

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Our Exam
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