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You will find below the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the functioning of our Internet sites, our activities, etc. To see the answer, just click on the question of your choice.

How can I get a copy of your approval if I need one ?

You can download a PDF file by clicking here

How do the examiners score my exam ?

Your PC exam is scored automatically by our software. Your interview is scored by our Examiners according to the ICAO rating scale (click here to get a copy). To get a level 4, you need minimum of 60% for your PC exam and level 4 for ALL ICAO descriptors during the interview. To get a level 5, the requirements are 70% for the PC and 5 for the interview. To get a level 6, you need 90% for the PC and 6 for the interview (According to ICAO, you also need to be a native speaker or to prove valuable experience in an English environment to get level 6)

I do not agree with your decision...

We keep a full record of your exam for 5 years (electronic data of your PC exam is stored and your interview is recorded by a video camera) for legal and audit purposes (ICAO requirements). If you do not agree with our decision, we can submit the data to a third-party expert for final judgment. Nevertheless, you may appeal our decision within 1 calendar week after your exam by sending a mail to 

I don’t have a VISA or MASTERCARD...

Please send us an email through the "CONTACT" page and we will send you an invoice with a "Company Code". Upon reception, please insert this code in the registration page to validate the process.

UPDATE : NO new exams from JAN 2016 !

We were expecting to modify our exam templates from January 01, 2016 upon request from the Belgian CAA.

Following some trials with results below expectations, the CAA decided to cancel the change and to revert to the previous exam template.

So, our ELP test will include again a comprehension test with 15 questions on a PC, a conversation about a video description and a simulated flight,

We modified our questions database to avoid ambiguous questions and those referring more to the memory than the language knowledge.


What about ELP and EASA Part-FCL new regulations ?

Your Air-English ELP certificate will be accepted by most of the European CAA's (including Germany). A foreign CAA should ask you a copy of our master approval which is available for download (take a look here)

Please note the new Part-FCL regulations extend to 4 years (iso 3Y) the time of vailidy of a Level 4 certificate. This extension seems not applicable in all countries. Check with your CAA....  

What about VAT ?

The VAT is a very complex regulation in Europe. Our platform has been tailored to cope with all situations and parameters.

What can I do if I fail the exam ?

First of all, after the interview, we advise you to analyse the reason of your failure with our examiners . They will give you some ideas on how to improve your level.
Afterwards, you can reapply for  the exam as often as you wish... Come back to our website and register for another session.